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                      ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS

                      These can be dropped off with us, or you can take them to our sister company The Clothing Alterations Co, in St Martins Square, within Leicester Lanes.  We do their dry cleaning, they do our alterations.  Drop off and pick up at either location.

                      Curtain cleaning

                      They hang there faithfully at the window, closing every night and opening every morning without a whisper of complaint.  But they need care too!  Curtains get dusty and grimy from every day living, and a quick clean can bring them back to life.


                      The cost of curtain cleaning depends on the type of material, whether they are lined, and is costed per square metre.  Think that sounds a bit tricky to work out - don't worry - we have a ready-reckoner in the shop, so if you know your measurements (length and width), we can tell you the total price.  The cost per square metre is as follows:

                      Unlined cotton-type material sq. mtre - 4.99
                      Lined cotton-type material sq. mtre - 5.49
                      Unlined velvet sq. mtre - 5.49
                      Lined velvet sq. mtre - 5.99

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